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image via harvard school of public health

12 week weight loss challenge 2014 Starts January 3rd

  • “Do you struggle to maintain a healthy weight?”

  • “Are you tired of quick fixes and fad diets?”

  • “Don’t have the time to lose weight?”                                      

 This program is for you!

12 weeks + individual attention + group support = success!

Taught by a former food addict, she knows the challenges you face. You can lose weight, live healthier and enjoy the foods you love while doing it! Program includes:

  • Individual Nutrition and Health Consultation including goal setting ($100 value)
  • Weekly weigh-in & follow up w/ Nutrition Specialist ($900 value for 12 weeks)
  • Weekly education and support  ($900 value for 12 weeks)
    • Topics include:  Basics of healthy eating, eating for energy, snacks vs. treats, reading and understanding food labels, mindful eating, balancing a busy schedule, exercise, dining out, sweets and treats, budgeting and shopping, and how to keep weight off!


Take control of your life, change your future! Sign up today! 

Call 401.529.7925 or email: info@restorativenutritionri.com

Make the Commitment to a happier, healthier you in 2014 before December 15th for this discounted rate ($275 for 12 weeks-a $1,900 value)!

*Ask about a private group session for you and your 4 friends!

image via Harvard School of Public Health

Are you getting enough calcium?

We have all heard we need to make sure to get enough calcium but what does that mean? Calcium, a mineral found in a variety of foods, is essential to help the body with many important functions including maintaining strong bones and teeth, and preventing osteoporosis. Many of us struggle to get enough dietary calcium but it does not have to be a challenge!

Aim to get 3 servings of low fat or fat free dairy products each day, or the equivalent of 1200 mg per day. To increase dietary calcium consumption, include low fat and fat free dairy products (yogurt, cheese, milk), dark leafy greens such as cabbage, kale, and broccoli, and fortified orange juice. Most cereals, soy products, tofu, breads, and many juices are fortified with calcium, just read the food label. Calcium is best absorbed from food, focus on eating a variety of foods and getting most of your nutrition from food. Add a slice of low fat cheese to your sandwich, sprinkle some berries into a low fat Greek yogurt, or enjoy a glass of vanilla soymilk.  There are so many ways to get more calcium!

In addition to consuming adequate amounts of calcium make sure to get enough vitamin D (about 600 IU per day). Vitamin D helps your body better absorb calcium and is essential for optimal bone health. You can get vitamin D from many foods including salmon, tuna, flounder, fortified milks, cereals and grains, eggs, mushrooms, and ricotta cheese! Your body can make Vitamin D from sunshine so take advantage of the nice weather and get outside in the sun everyday. (Avoid the sun when it is at its hottest –typically between the hours of 10am and 2pm).

Aim for 3 servings of low fat dairy and about 20 minutes of sunshine each day to improve your bone health!