Health & Life Coaching

happyHealth & Life Coaching

  • Struggling to get back into shape after your last pregnancy?

  • Did your doctor tell you, you need to lose weight or exercise?

  • Can’t seem to balance work, kids, meal planning, budget, and schedules?

Life involves constant change. How we manage these changes can effect our personal health and our daily life. Making your health a priority is essential. So often we put others before ourselves and ultimately they suffer! If you are not healthy, or are stressed you are not your best self. You are not able to care for those who depend on you. 

We all need work/life balance in order to be able to live well. If you are struggling to meet health or life goals (loosing baby weight, time management, balancing your household budget, etc) I challenge you to work with me. Together we will look at your personal, professional, health and wellness goals and determine how to create a healthier life.

How it works:

Ideally you will sign up for 3 months to work with me on a weekly basis.

Here is an example of what 3 months of coaching will entail for you:

1. Initial Consultation:

We will have an initial consultation (about 45 minutes) where I learn all about you! Then, together we set up to 3 health and/or life goals to work toward

The consultation may include:

  • Current eating habits and behaviors
  • Current exercise and/or activity level
  • Your unique dietary needs and preferences
  • Current weight, and height

Your plan may include:

  • A meal plan based on your preferences and unique calorie needs
  • Exercise and activity recommendations
  • Relaxation techniques including yoga, meditation, acupuncture, and massage
  • Mindful eating, stress reduction  and journaling
  • Educational handouts

2. Follow Up:

After our first meeting, we will plan to speak at least once a week (usually telephonically or email based) and work to achieve your goals. You may get handouts or other resources to help you. 

We will:                                                                                                                     

  • Assess what is going well (triumphs!)
  • Create a plan to overcome any barriers you are facing
  • Determine a plan of action!

3. What happens after 3 months?

Positive behavior change takes time and hard work! After 3 months we do a deeper dive into your progress.

  • If you have met your goals and feel satisfied with your changes you will graduate (yippee!)
  • If you are not quite at your goals, then you will sign up for 3 more months and then reassess at that time

*Note: Often times it takes 6 months or more to make and maintain change–the goal is slow and steady so the changes are longterm!