About Jill

Jillian Ouhrabka, MS, RD, LDN, CHC Nutrition Specialist

Jill Shower

Hello and welcome to restorative nutrition, health and life coaching!

I became a registered dietitian and certified health coach because I struggled so much with food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I realized how important it is to have solid support as you make positive health and life changes.

Having struggled with food addiction for over 15 years, I had a long journey to finding inner peace, and am able to balance mind, body, and work/life but it is not always easy!

 I have spent several years working as a consultant for non-profit organizations, corporate wellness companies and as a health and wellness coach counseling clients to achieve their health and life goals.

 I am turning my struggles into triumph by offering my support and guidance to you for your personal health, life, and wellness goals. 

I am the support you need to make the changes you want! I know what it takes to overcome food addiction, make serious life and health changes, and maintain those changes. This is what I am committed to helping you do.

Whatever your health and wellness goals, let me help you live your best life! Email me today! jill@restorativenutritionri.com